Joining the Army But A lie.?

Brushfire22 want’s to know:
So here is the story, About 2 months ago I was at a bar with some friends having some drinks. Time came to go home so we chugged them down and left. I got home at about 1:30am Got ready and laid down in bed and passed out. Now it begins, according to my GF I text her at 2:30 saying I cant sleep, Don’t remember it at all. I wake up a day later in the hospital drugged all over the place. I’m put in this rehabilitation center for the next 4 days and while in there they break it to me that They found a drug called (benzo’s something) and alcohol in my system. So basically I was drugged sometime in the night of drinking. (and I never did drugs I hate them and despise them).
Now everyone knows that mixing drugs and alcohol is not good at all, and apparently right after I text my GF that night I was drinking, I tried to choke myself with one of my belts thus putting me in the hospital labeled as a f***** suicide attempt. I saw like 3 Psychiatrists that week and all of them cleared me as not being depressed or suicidal in any way and never gave me any meds for anything at all, but I know its on my record forever as that and its really really ruining my life over and over again. (like being raped by the you just got F**** train).
My dream of joining the army is now here and I have been talking to the recruiter and he told me to lie about it at MEPS. I really don’t want to but like I said its my dream job and I don’t feel I should be put out because some a**hole slipped me some drugs and messed my life up. So I’m debating the lie, but it is killing me honestly, I don’t know what to do and I don’t want the trouble later on if I ever need to get security clearance for a position. Unless there is a way to avoid that completely.
Please help me And If you have ever come so close to a dream like I am right now tell me about it. Thanks Oh and
P.S. I had to drop out of college because of that whole thing so now if I don’t get in the Military I cant even get financial aid because I had to cancel it. LOL But it could be worse.
So if your Illiterate and cant read I full story and answer a few simple questions F*** off I’m looking for real feed back on the subject Something tells me that all the dumb a** answers posted are by people in their parents basement, still sucking off the Tit they grew up on. Simple solution DON’T POST IF YOU DON’T CARE.

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  1. Giuseppe says:

    We answer questions, not long stories.

  2. Samm Varnish says:

    Lie, it’s the only way t seems for you.

    Sorry to say but it’s the best you can do if you want to get into the army.

  3. Ashera says:

    You did not voluntarily take the drugs, so the army can not hold you at fault. You can choose to tell them you were once slipped a “Micky” (tainted drink) in a bar, or you can choose to say you never did any drugs. Either way you are telling the truth!

    Chances are telling them you were drugged once will make the guy questioning you laugh it off and call you a “good kid”. Telling him you don’t do drugs and never have done drugs will also meet with approval. You’re going to be fine either way.

    By the way, psychiatric reports are confidential if you are under 18 and are erased when you turn 18, last I heard. Check your state laws to be sure. None the less, you were gauged to be “fine” so there is nothing for the Army to complain about there, either.

  4. kittie_rocker5 says:

    Well that”s very true, it could be alot worse!
    Well lying at MEPS could come back at you, but it really depends on what your doing for the Military like if you need some kind of special clearance . Really the only thing the Military needs to know about is injury’s in the past, and medication your on. So if you get hurt and they fix you up, but find you have a previous injury they didn’t know about, it’s so you don’t get screwed in the end. Anything beyond that you’ll be fine. don’t worry about the MEPS crap. My recruiter told be not to say anything too while i was at MEPS and i was nervous too. Anyways don’t worry, every ones got a story in there and no ones telling it (keep as much paper work out of your file). Plus the Military is not going to hunt your papers down!!!!
    Hahaha plus the Army will take anyone, they dont care, and its not this crazy like people think.

  5. Air Mitchell says:

    lie about what? If they are asking if you did any drugs, you didn’t. You were poisonded dear.

  6. dankohner1 says:

    You sound like a troll! GO AWAY!

  7. Eduardo Forte says:

    just lie, no big deal.
    every one lies. half of the ppl that joins has smoked pot before.
    even sargeant major of the army no biggies
    just go and do your thing.

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